Mobile Gambling on the Rise

Mobile phones are making their way into the online-gambling scene. Truly, mobile phones are an excellent way to make Internet-based casinos more accessible to the masses. With a smartphone, people can gamble while riding the subway to work, taking a lunch break at the office, waiting for their appointment at the doctor’s or lounging in bed after a long day of running errands. As long as the Internet connection is reliable, smartphones let people safely gamble anyplace at anytime.

Eventually, gamblers will not have to hurry down to the race track or sports match in order to place a bet because their smartphone will allow them to conveniently and easily place their bets online. No travel required. Experts in the Internet gambling world predict that mobile phones will transform the face of the gambling industry.

Juniper, a research company, released a report that states the future of mobile gambling is absolutely positive. The research company’s estimate show that the number of wages made via mobile devices will be increased by 2015. Over $48 billion worth of transactions are expected to be conducted by that point in time.

Currently in Europe, the majority of casinos are getting approximately 15 percent of bets through gambling mobile phones games such as slots, poker and blackjack. A lot of well-known casinos on the Internet provide mobile gambling applications for their customers too. As time goes on, experts predict other online casinos will follow suit. Internet-based casino owners were once cutting-edge in the world of gambling, but mobile casino games are quickly increasing their pace.

Although there is no doubt that mobile casinos are quickly gaining a foothold in the gambling industry, experts ponder whether or not everyone will embrace this new phenomenon. Some gamblers may be concerned that they could easily gamble too much money due to the convenience of mobile casinos.

Eventually, the idea of mobile gambling will become commonplace. But until then, most players will have to settle for conducting their bets via a computer or laptop.

Regardless, the same excitement and thrill can be had via the computer and in person. Besides, computer graphics are much more realistic than mobile-phone graphics, making for a much higher quality experience. There is no doubt that mobile gambling is gaining popularity in leaps and bounds among technologically savvy individuals. However, most casino players seem satisfied with current online gambling options. But be prepared. The world of mobile casinos is on the rise.