Why Is Bingo so Brilliant?

Despite the mass appeal of online bingo, it still gets poor reception in the media and popular culture. Equally, traditional bingo seems to be the target of much derision for being a game for nanas and grans of every ilk. However, bingo is an old game that has gained tens of millions new followers with the introduction of online bingo games like Bingo 75  – though, if this isn’t enough of a testament as to bingo’s appeal here are some reasons why you might consider playing it too.


The reason your granny plays bingo is that it gets her out of the house (or whatever horrible nursing home your parents put her in). Bingo is a good shared activity that promotes bonds of fellowship through common interest between relative strangers. This phenomenon isn’t just confined to bingo halls, but can been seen in online bingo chat rooms.

Democratic odds

While the probability of winning is relatively low compared to other forms of gambling, the odds are evenly distributed over all card configurations. While it is true that you can increase a players odds with more cards, cards must be purchased and extra cards don’t actually increase odds of winning significantly (also, extra cards are available to purchase by all players).


Bingo is one of the cheapest ways to have a good, structured night out. While ultimately dependant on the bingo hall, cards usually run anywhere from $1 to $5—where which these cards can be played all night.

Relatively Low Risk

While Bingo is gambling and therefore comes with an inherent risk of addiction, it is very difficult to rack up major losses in a night of play—so you can’t lose the kid’s inheritance on a single game of bingo. Though, it you fear that you might have a gambling addiction there are many resources at your disposal, but the sooner you take the first steps the better.

Safe Competitive Environment

Playing bingo can often produce a competitive streak in those that never though they had one. This definitely enhances the game, but does so in such a way that makes others feel safe (i.e. you’ll get thrown out if you get aggressive).


Most bingo halls (all bingo halls in the US) operate under the auspices of charitable organizations as fund raising activities. As such it fuels a side-effect philanthropic feel-good impulse that rides along with the main point of bingo:


Even though no one (as far as I’m aware) has ever retired on bingo winnings, the prize money up for grabs is more than enough to splash-out on a fancy meal for two or a clever gadget—and is certainly the main attraction getting proverbial and literal tushies in seats.