Is Online Casino Blackjack Different to Live Casino?

Blackjack is arguably one of the most popular casino games. It’s a hobby enjoyed all over the world in casinos, on cruise ships and on the internet too. But those who are unfamiliar with both the real-life variant and internet may wonder if there are any differences between the two. In this post we will detail a couple of things to note.

The Atmosphere

One difference between playing blackjack in an online casino Malaysia and one in your local casino is the atmosphere. In a live casino you can always hear the chips being riffled, the deck being shuffled and people around. Quite often you will be sitting next to other blackjack players, many of whom may impart their words of wisdom to you as you play. Continue reading

4 Secrets the Casinos Don’t Want You to Know

Gambling at a casino can be thrilling, entertaining and if you’re one of the few who win, rewarding! Generally, and thanks largely to information spread around the internet,  customers are becoming more informed about their casino gambling and as such are becoming more astute about their gaming. That said, casinos are still big, profitable business and there’s still a lot of things the house would prefer you didn’t know!

The House Always Has the Edge

No matter what card, slot machine or table game it is you’re playing, the house will always have the edge.  This is exactly how the casino makes money. There are certain card games where skill can be a factor and knowing what you’re doing may help to an extent, but other games such as roulette are pure luck. In both instances, the games are designed so the house wins overall, so remember that when you’re deciding whether to play another round. Continue reading

Types of mobile casino bonuses

Just like regular online casinos, most mobile casinos offer different types of attractive mobile casino bonuses that players can potentially benefit from. The first and perhaps most popular mobile casino bonus type is the welcome bonus. The different mobile casinos usually offer different welcome bonus amounts but in most cases the welcome bonus is due when the player makes his or her first deposit at the mobile casino in question. Some casinos do not offer a fixed welcome bonus amount, but rather match the first deposit of the casino customer. Online casino at vipclubcasino will actually match your first two deposits, which is one of the best mobile casino bonuses you can find today.

There are also a lot of mobile casinos where players can receive subsequent mobile casino bonuses when they make a second or a third deposit; those second and third deposit bonuses are usually smaller than the initial welcome bonus. Nevertheless, they will increase the bankroll of the player and help him or her continue playing in the respective casino.

mobile casino bonuses

Some mobile casinos will also offer no deposit bonuses with the purpose of attracting new customers. Even though, as their name suggests, those mobile casino bonuses will not require you to make a deposit, you might still need to register at that casino. And also, chances are that the amount of the no deposit bonus will be smaller than the amounts of the different deposit bonuses. You can get £10 bonus as soon as you sign up with Vip Club Casino.

In addition, mobile casinos also offer special bonuses to their most valued customers, namely the members of the respective casino’s VIP programme or loyalty club. Those bonuses might not always come in the form of money, but might be loyalty points, free credits, etc.

Mobile casino bonus terms and conditions

While the mobile casino bonus is a great way to get new players started at the respective mobile casino or help already existing players stay in the game, it is nevertheless true that mobile casino bonuses come with some strings attached. For that reason, it is important that players always read carefully the terms and conditions prior to accepting the respective mobile casino bonus.

The clearing requirements of the bonus might vary from one mobile casino to another, but there are some common principles involved. In some casinos you might be required to bet your bonus several times before you are allowed to cash your winnings out. Other mobile gambling venues may let you unlock only small amounts of the bonus over time; if this happens to be the case in the mobile casino you have chosen, make sure that you have enough money of your own until you are able to access your bonus money.

Also, when it comes to deposit match bonuses, in some casinos they are expressed not in actual amounts but rather in percentages. So, it is important that you calculate how much money exactly you are going to receive so that you are able to plan your gaming budget accordingly.

It is not at all difficult for players on the go to take advantage of the different mobile casino bonuses. Nevertheless, players should always remember to get acquainted with the bonus clearing requirements so as to avoid any unpleasant surprises along the way.

Online Pokies Take on World Cup Mania

For all sports fan out there, a new online pokies game is here to give you all the excitement you get at the soccer stadium while watching your favourite teams go toe to toe – plus more!

The World Cup Mania slot is five-reel 15-payline online pokies game filled with excitement, action and of course the entire selection of tasty stadium treats without which no game will be complete. While you spin the reels for an opportunity to win one of the cash prizes, you will get to “munch” on some mouth-watering hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza and of course French fries.

As already said, the World Cup Mania video slot gives its players multiple chances to win. Its 15 paylines are here to increase your winning odds significantly. When compared to classic slot machines, video slots are not only better in terms of graphics and the overall experience they provide, but also a lot more generous and engaging. Video slots boast unsurpassed bonus features, such as free spin rounds and interactive games, which can also multiply your winnings. Let’s take a look at some of the specific features of the World Cup Mania slot.

World Cup Mania online pokies game

The game has a wild symbol, a scatter symbol and two bonus games – the Free Spins bonus game and the Free Kicks bonus game.

The Ball symbol is the wild symbol in the game. It can roll over and take the place of any other regular symbol to complete a winning combination on an active payline. Only the Whistle symbol cannot be replaced by the Ball icon. That’s because the Whistle symbol is the scatter in the game. It doesn’t need to align on a single payline to pay off. Get two Whistle symbols anywhere on your screen and your total credits bet will be doubled. For three – your bet will be quadrupled; for four – your total credits bet will be multiplies by 50, and if you get five Whistle symbols – you collect 400 times your total credits bet!

In addition to all the cool features, the World Cup Mania slot also offers much flexibility to its players, allowing for bets as little as one cent and as high as one dollar. So players with different budget size can all get an equal chance at winning one of the prizes. Since the game has multiple paylines, you will have to activate a payline if you want to collect the winnings should you score a winning combination on it. Imagine you place your bets, spin and your spin results in five Ball icons on one payline, but you haven’t activated that particular payline. You have just lost 7,500 coins. That’s a scenario you don’t ever want to go through. So for each spin you should activate as many paylines as you can.

We bet now you’d rather be staying at home playing the World Cup Mania online pokies game than buying expensive tickets and going to the stadium to watch an actual game. And we don’t blame you – after all, which sports match can give you a chance to walk away with free cash in your pocket?

Platinum Play Casino

The Platinum Play Casino was designed from the ground up to look and feel like the type of casino you might find in Las Vegas. I’m talking about the high class venues—think Wynn. It is truly astounding how in a short decade the software has caught up and the experience is seamless. You can sometimes really forget that you’re sitting at home. Especially if you prepared a White Russian for yourself before sitting down. Even better if you use a large screen with your computer. These days you can plug your laptop into your 1080p HDTV. The experience is truly immersive.

The software is built in the amazing Microgaming platform. One way in which the Platinum Play Casino differentiates itself is in its offerings. It offers a huge catalog of games—almost 400 all told. The amazing thing is that they managed to port almost all of them—over 350 games to their no download software that you can play from any browser on any computer. This includes laptops, work computers, and even mobile phones. The experience remains mostly intact. The only thing you miss out on with the Flash version is the astounding graphics offered in the full download version.

Another way the Platinum Play Casino differentiates itself from the competition is that it offers 1,500 credits for you to play with absolutely free. You read that correctly. You don’t even need to put in a deposit to start playing with real money. It doesn’t stop there, however, once you’re done with that, you are still eligible for a 100% match on your first deposit of up to $200. What this means is that if you put in $200 of your own money, the casino will match that same amount, thus doubling your cash. Not bad at all. In fact, I would go so far as to say, that this is one of the most appealing offers in the entire industry.

Platinum Play Casino

The Platinum Play Casino has been in business since 2004 and the years of experience show. It is owned by the Fortune Lounge Group, which is well known for creating the most stunning among the online casinos. Their reputation is well established, which is one of the reasons they have a coveted spot among the few online casinos licensed by the EU. Regulation comes courtesy of the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta—the LGA. They don’t bother even looking at most casinos, let alone granting them licenses. Just the fact that the Platinum Play Casino is licensed in Malta, a member state of the EU, means that doing business with them is a safe bet.

As a prerequisite, they have to offer top of the line protection to their players. This means 128-bit SSL encryption technology and extremely advanced firewalls. The information is protected going in, going out, and while in storage. No one will ever see a player’s private data. They also undergo regular spot checks by a third party non-profit organization every month, which tests the software and security. They make sure the Random Number Generator is working as it should, that results are random and fair, and that players get what they expect. This rigorous attention to security grants the Platinum Play Casino the coveted eCOGRA seal of approval.

With all the protective measures in place, problems are rare. Still, customer service is there at all times to help you, since this is your money, after all. They are available every day, all day and all night, in eight different languages. They can be reached via telephone, email and live chat, which means that no matter what, you will always find someone who can help you.

Because this is a Microgaming powered site, you might have seen some of their more popular offerings. The software runs on Viper, the top of the line from Microgaming, and on the cutting edge as far as technology goes. The games you might be familiar with are classics such as Thunderstruck, and Stash of the Titans. If so, then you know about the Progressive Jackpots that run on the Viper platform. They are plentiful and the jackpot amounts are absolutely staggering. You will surely go weak in the knees when you see the sums that regularly add up on the front page of the Platinum Play Casino’s website. You will not be disappointed if you choose the Platinum Play Casino as your online gambling homebase.

Baccarat – Playing Sets

I am often asked for a gambling system for Baccarat. Baccarat is one of the best casino games to play. I think many people don’t play it because of the lack of interaction. You basically bet the bank or player then sit back and watch the dealer work. The house advantage on Baccarat is very low and there are a couple “systems” to playing this game.

Many people will simply pick a side and bet it until they are done playing. Others will move sides back and forth with little thought behind their moves. Before we can talk about our simple system, we need to look at the probability of each side winning.


Bank Winning: 45.8%

Player Winning: 44.6%

Both sides are pretty much even, with the bank having a slight edge, which is why you pay a vig when you win on the bank. Our system system involved playing “sets.” A set is simply a number of hands. We will use seven for our set (odd numbers are better). As the game progresses, we want to look at the last set and see if one side had a favorable showing. In our example, five out of seven hands is favorable. If this is the case, we want to bet the other side for the next seven hands (or until three units are won).

Here’s the logic behind this Baccarat system. Each side has almost an equal ability to win. If one side wins the strong majority of the previous set, the other side will most likely equalize the math by having a good showing for the next set, which is why we look at odd sets. Let’s look at an example.

Example Set
Hand One: Bank
Hand Two: Bank
Hand Three: Player
Hand Four: Bank
Hand Five: Bank
Hand Six: Player
Hand Seven: Bank

For the next seven hands we would be betting on the player. Our goal is four wins out of the seven. The probability of this happening is very good. If the bank was to win four times, the bank would have won nine out of fourteen times. Even if the bank pulled this off, you would only be down one unit and be setup very nicely for the next set.

This can be a fun Baccarat system to play with if you don’t like simply betting on one side all the time. In the coming days, I will expand further on this system and provide some real results.

The Game of Video Poker

Video Poker is an extremely popular casino game played in casinos all over the world. The accessibility and convenience of playing poker on a video screen really makes it an excellent fit for casino floors. So, it is easy to see why casinos love them but what makes the games fun for players is the speed of the hands and variety of games available at your fingertips.

You’ll find many different variations of video poker but generally all are played using the same rules. Players will choose their bet, and then the game deals your hand. You select which cards to keep and re-draw if necessary. Your resulting hand is displayed on the screen.

In Jacks or Better video poker games, a pair of Jacks or higher wins. You’ll find bigger payouts for better hands. For instance, a full house usually pays out anywhere from 6x to 9x your bet. A four of a kind will pay out much higher, usually up to 25x your bet on most machines

The best hand on most video poker games is the Royal Flush which pays out a whopping 250 times your bet. You can find machines with various pay out structures, different themes and several twists on the game as well.

Online casinos are famous for their exciting video poker games. The high-pay outs, progressive jackpots and fun themes will keep you occupied and entertained for hours.

Video Poker Games at Online Casinos

Online casinos feature some of the best video poker games each with a unique twist setting the game apart from the rest. Ultimate Video Poker, available at, offers a unique pay out for four of a kind hands with Aces or Face cards.

So, instead of just a single payout for any four of a kind hand, you have the chance to score a bigger pay out for four Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces. Four face cards lands you a whopping 40x payout, much larger than the typical 25x payout for four number cards.

You’ll get an even bigger payout of 80x your bet when you land four Aces. When you hit a Royal Flush, you win 800x your bet.

This game also features a turbo mode which displays card in rapid succession so you can play more hands in a shorter period of time. That can increase the number of hands you win during your play time.

Other games included with Ultimate Video Poker include Deuces Wild where twos are always wild. Or, play Deuces and Joker where all the twos and two jokers are wild, and its possible to hit a five of a kind (four twos and a joker). That gives you an eye-popping payout of 2000x your bet.

Play all of these games today on Ultimate Video Poker at

The Online Casino Delivers True Value In an Overpriced World

Let’s face it — some forms of entertainment are just too overpriced. Many offline venues fall into this category. They know that they can demand higher prices, especially if there isn’t much else to do locally. But you don’t have to fall into that trap. You can take control of your entertainment by checking out online casinos. The online casino doesn’t have to be something that you do all of the time if you don’t want to, but you definitely owe it to yourself to check it out at least once. The thrill of winning money online cannot be emphasized enough! When you realize that you can win a lot of money if you get the right bit of luck. You’ll definitely want to get into the game, right?

Absolutely! But before you jump in, you want to make sure that you figure out where you want to actually play. There’s nothing wrong with making sure that you can think about the experience that you want to have. After all, if you’re going to put in a lot of time and money into something, it might as well be something that you’re going to enjoy. You get to finally change your life into something that’s filled with quite a bit of entertainment. It’s up to you to take action and get the type of entertainment that you really want.

If you want to check out a great casino, you really need to make sure that you’re looking at Unibet. This isn’t another overpriced venue. You’ll actually find that you’re going to be able to budget quite well. There are some free areas of the casino that you can check out when you don’t want to use your bankroll. You won’t get any real money wins from this, but you can still enjoy the casino to the fullest.

Unibet is a casino that definitely delivers on what a casino should do — provide entertainment and plenty of options. Picking the right casino is very important, and it’s something that you’ll need to think about carefully before you just dive in. However, many veteran gamblers call Unibet home for a reason, so there has to be something the site is doing right. We invite you to check it out here for yourself — you’ll be glad you did when the extra money starts coming in!

6 Tips for becoming a winning blackjack player

Once you have a strategy and develop your game you have to give it tune ups to keep if fresh. Here are some tips on keeping your Blackjack game strong.

1. Learn Basic Card Counting Strategies

One of the most important steps taken by a blackjack player is learning basic blackjack strategy. This immediately reduces the house edge, or the amount the player should lose to the casino over time.

2. Learn the Hi Lo card counting system.

Throughout your lifetime as a blackjack player you should learn a few card counting strategies, the Hi-Lo strategy is the most basic strategy and therefore the easiest to learn.

3. Keep Track of your Wins and Losses

Keep track of both your wins and losses by writing them down in a notepad or a file on your computer. Win’s and losses are how you keep an eye on your game and track your performance.

If you’re losing often you may not even be aware of it if you’re not keeping track of your performance. You may also be in denial but if you’re looking at a record of your losses then it’s not so easy to ignore.

When you’re keeping track of your performance you can spot a problem in your game a lot faster and work to improve it.

4. Play a Game below your usual stakes

Playing below your usual stakes lets you test your discipline levels. A lot of players will play more carelessly when their not playing for stakes that interest them.

For instance you might get another card when ordinarily you wouldn’t because the hand only costs $5 dollars. But event though the stakes may be lower doesn’t mean it’s free and you could still lose so practice disciplining yourself.

Play your best game even if the stakes aren’t best.

5. Teach Someone to Play

Find someone you know like a friend or relative that doesn’t know how to play and teach them first how to play blackjack then basic strategy and finally card counting.

Teaching other people how to play the game helps your game by reinforcing your skills. As you teach someone basic strategy you may remember something you haven’t utilized in a while.

Not to mention you could master a skill, it can be a lot easier to master something when you have to teach it to someone else or learn something new. Just because their new to the game doesn’t mean they may not have a talent for it and you never know they may teach you something new.

6. Play a game above your usual stakes

When you play a game above your usual stakes it’s another way of testing yourself and how you play. If the stakes are much higher then you’re used to you may make the wrong decision or a more conservative play then what you would typically do because you’re concerned over the stakes.

This can actually make you lose more money so you need to learn your weaknesses before you head to the table.

We recommend 888 casino as the best online casino for blackjack players.

Online Casinos with Live Games

If you’re looking for a new level of entertainment, you can’t go wrong with going online to the casinos. It’s a great chance to pass away time while having the chance at winning some serious money. However, what happens when you’ve already been playing at a casino? Chances are good that you’re going to need to look for a different experience, a better experience, a larger experience. You will want to think about online casinos with live games. The truth is that you must think about the experience that you want to have. Live games make it easier to reach out to other people, and to have the feel of being at the casino for real.

You probably can’t head out to the casino right now, for a wide variety of reasons. Maybe it’s too far away, or it’s just not a financially sound thing to do. That doesn’t mean that you have to cut off all types of entertainment just because you can’t get out to a live casino. You can bring the excitement, thrill, and challenge of a live casino to your computer through great online casinos that have live games.

One casino that immediately comes to mind would be Castle Casino. Castle Casino is an online casino with live dealers just waiting for you! Could you imagine getting to play with hot dealers that actually talk to you? It’s not like the offline world, where pretty girls may not give you the time of day. Even if you’re waiting on your next hand in poker, you can still chat up the hot dealer and get to know her a little better.

Of course, a live community also makes things interesting. You’re going to talk to them in real time, going with them head to head in real time, and also make sure that everything is really in line for you to have a good time. You may even find people that want to help you polish your game, which isn’t a bad idea at all. You have to think about things like that when you’re trying to get things done. This is going to help you make more money, period.

You need to believe completely and totally in the casino experience. You might feel like it’s not going to add anything, but try it out for yourself. Log onto a casino that gives a live experience. Not only will this shake things up, but you’ll also have the opportunity to get a welcome bonus. Adding to your bankroll while having a good time? Sign us up!