4 Secrets the Casinos Don’t Want You to Know

Gambling at a casino can be thrilling, entertaining and if you’re one of the few who win, rewarding! Generally, and thanks largely to information spread around the internet,  customers are becoming more informed about their casino gambling and as such are becoming more astute about their gaming. That said, casinos are still big, profitable business and there’s still a lot of things the house would prefer you didn’t know!

The House Always Has the Edge

No matter what card, slot machine or table game it is you’re playing, the house will always have the edge.  This is exactly how the casino makes money. There are certain card games where skill can be a factor and knowing what you’re doing may help to an extent, but other games such as roulette are pure luck. In both instances, the games are designed so the house wins overall, so remember that when you’re deciding whether to play another round.

You Are Always Being Watched

Most people will be aware that you’re always being watched in a casino.  There are cameras everywhere and there are people constantly monitoring these to ensure that there is no cheating and that all payouts are made fairly. So whilst eyes in the ceiling may come as no surprise, you may be shocked to learn that in some cases the casinos may have ears too, although we can’t guarantee this, it could be mere specualtion. Aside from the cameras, you’ll also notice that there’s generally an “inspector” watching two or three tables at the same time.  These guys don’t catch everything that’s going on but they do have a keen eye for those who are cheating and often work in a team with those operating the cameras.

Take the Dealers Advice

Generally, dealers will offer support and advice during a game.  They have nothing to gain by telling you anything other than the truth (in fact dealers may want you to win so that they can get a tip!). Remember though, there’s always going to be a greater chance of losing than winning, so don’t consider this a winning strategy -in fact, expel any thoughts of winning strategies from your mind!

Chips Are Dirty

This final point is one that may leave you feeling a little germaphobic. Imagine you’re sitting at the table and then think of the number of people that are touching the chips.. They can be pretty dirty!  Make sure that you wash your hands regularly at the casino to avoid catching or spreading any potential nasties..

So there you have it, the casino chips may be dirty and the casino may be listening in on your conversations! If that doesn’t put you off then we suggest that you enjoy your gambling responsibly.