The Game of Video Poker

Video Poker is an extremely popular casino game played in casinos all over the world. The accessibility and convenience of playing poker on a video screen really makes it an excellent fit for casino floors. So, it is easy to see why casinos love them but what makes the games fun for players is the speed of the hands and variety of games available at your fingertips.

You’ll find many different variations of video poker but generally all are played using the same rules. Players will choose their bet, and then the game deals your hand. You select which cards to keep and re-draw if necessary. Your resulting hand is displayed on the screen.

In Jacks or Better video poker games, a pair of Jacks or higher wins. You’ll find bigger payouts for better hands. For instance, a full house usually pays out anywhere from 6x to 9x your bet. A four of a kind will pay out much higher, usually up to 25x your bet on most machines

The best hand on most video poker games is the Royal Flush which pays out a whopping 250 times your bet. You can find machines with various pay out structures, different themes and several twists on the game as well.

Online casinos are famous for their exciting video poker games. The high-pay outs, progressive jackpots and fun themes will keep you occupied and entertained for hours.

Video Poker Games at Online Casinos

Online casinos feature some of the best video poker games each with a unique twist setting the game apart from the rest. Ultimate Video Poker, available at, offers a unique pay out for four of a kind hands with Aces or Face cards.

So, instead of just a single payout for any four of a kind hand, you have the chance to score a bigger pay out for four Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces. Four face cards lands you a whopping 40x payout, much larger than the typical 25x payout for four number cards.

You’ll get an even bigger payout of 80x your bet when you land four Aces. When you hit a Royal Flush, you win 800x your bet.

This game also features a turbo mode which displays card in rapid succession so you can play more hands in a shorter period of time. That can increase the number of hands you win during your play time.

Other games included with Ultimate Video Poker include Deuces Wild where twos are always wild. Or, play Deuces and Joker where all the twos and two jokers are wild, and its possible to hit a five of a kind (four twos and a joker). That gives you an eye-popping payout of 2000x your bet.

Play all of these games today on Ultimate Video Poker at

Not All Poker Casinos Are Created Equal – Get The Scoop Today

If there’s one thing that new and veteran players struggle within the gambling world, it’s finding where to gamble in the first place. Some people will only gamble at offline casinos, because they feel that it’s much safer than going online. But if you’re the sort that knows online casinos are really the best way to go for the convenience and security factor, then you still have other challenges ahead of you.

For example, are all poker casinos created equal? Not at all. There are different promotions, different types of players that come there, and different things that will set one casino apart from another. When it comes to poker, knowing what a casino brings to the table is very important. Sure, you might get time to demo the casino before you put real money on the table, but what if you don’t have that luxury?

Simple — you go to a site like, where you can rest assured you’re getting top notch information about the poker world. You need to have this information in order to do anything within the world of poker. If you only stick to guesses, you will not get good results. Poker players, especially those that want to rise higher and higher within the community, learn to be as precise as possible. You just need to make sure that you know what you’re doing and how to get things moving forward.

The best thing that you can do is try to get as much “intel” as possible before infiltrating a casino. And if you can get that intel from other gamblers and people associated with playing poker, that’s even better. Real players tend not to steer their fellow players wrong, because that takes all of the challenge from the game of poker.

Sure, you want to keep some things to yourself, but not where the good casinos are. If they can get you to play there, they will have a worthy opponent. Poker players thrive on challenge, and getting more players is always a good thing.

Don’t hesitate to look into sites like — it’s a great way to sharpen your information skills, get the latest news going on, and other issues that every poker player should know. Do you really want to leave things to chance? Not at all! Dive in today, you won’t regret it at all!

What Is the True Value of Great Poker Information?

One of the top things that you really want to think about when it comes to playing poker online is your growth and evolution. Yes, this might sound a little deep coming from a bunch of gamblers but work with us — we’re onto something here.

You see, one of the top things that you can do for yourself is to make sure that you are truly and completely focusing on the tasks ahead. The last thing that you want to do is find yourself not living up to your full potential just because you aren’t going out to get the best information possible.

The true value of great poker information is something that goes beyond money. It means that you will be able to be profitable in any tournament, any poker room, any contest, or even offline if that’s what you want to do. When you truly give yourself over to getting good poker information, there’s really nothing that can stop you from doing what you need to do.

The truth of the matter is that the best information really isn’t hard to find. You might want to check out Poker Rockets first, which is a great online poker site devoted to giving you the best information.

While the rules of poker are basic, the reality is that the strategy game of poker is something that evolves over time. You don’t want to try to lock yourself into one strategy or another, because then you’re allowing people to overcome you. You’re allowing people to cut you off from the real profits that you deserve, if you’re playing poker for real money. Why should you suffer that fate when you don’t have to?

A lot of people assume that good poker only comes from just flying blind, because that’s when you take over things from an instinct level. We don’t think that’s true at all, and in fact it’s really a sign of laziness. Lazy poker will drive you broke, which is the opposite of what you really want in the first place.

If you really look at all of the great poker players, they will tell you that great poker comes from practice and strategy. A stopped clock is right twice a day, you know. However, what happens when we build from a system and choose strategies that help us grow into great poker players? That’s when you can be a bit more aware of when you’re going to make money and when you’re not. The luck factor is still involved, but do you really want to try to build a career in poker based on luck? Of course not! Get out there and get real solid poker information today!

When Do You Know It’s Time to Move Up Your Poker Stakes?

So, you’ve learned a few things about poker and you’re itching to move up the ladder. Poker is a big world and there’s always room for another star of course. However, one of the things that you’re going to have to start thinking about isn’t just how much poker you want to play — you also need to start thinking about what stakes and limits that you’re trying to play at.

Here’s the obvious point that needs to be said and gotten out of the way before we just burst — higher stakes means higher competition. We know that’s probably obvious, but for people that don’t feel that it’s obvious, they tend to think that they’re going to immediately rise up and start dominating the tables. Unfortunately, real life poker doesn’t really work that way. If you don’t plan to win, you’re going to end up getting crushed.

Hold on, back up for a moment. We’ve jumped the gun. You have to first figure out when it’s safe to move up your stakes and limits before you can make any changes to your strategy. So here’s what you need to know on that.

First and foremost, you will want to make sure that you’ve got enough bankroll to facilitate the move. We recommend for cash games that you have 20-25 times the buy in. That means for a $10 cash game, you need to have $200-$250 available. Can you do it with less? Sure you can but it’s going to be a tight and very uncomfortable game. Every decision is going to feel like it’s crushing you. Why would you want to put yourself through that type of stress if you could honestly avoid it?

Having a solid bankroll leads to decisions made from logic rather than emotion. Acting from fear is only going to get you marked as a target. Also, if you have significantly less bankroll than other people, you can actually bet that someone is going to make sure that they aim for you. It could be intimidation through betting or it could be bluffing. You’d have to be on your guard hardcore to make a super small bankroll work. Can it be done? Yes, but not when you’re trying to move up at the ladder.

You also need to think about your numbers when it comes to your current poker level. Are you playing poker at a level where you can indeed move up? Look over your past games and percentages. How much money are you winning at your current level? Does it match up to your poker money making goals at the moment? If it doesn’t, then you need to stay at the level that you’re at. The last thing that you want to do is try to rush too quickly into a higher stake/limit only to find that you really can’t handle it.

Keep in mind that we’re really not trying to belittle you or make you feel bad just because you’re not crushing $200/$400 games. The people that are doing it big at that level have literally played hundreds of thousands of hands to get there — and put in 10-12 hours a day at the poker tables in order to get there. It takes time in order to build up that type of skill, and you shouldn’t feel bad that you’re only moving from 1/2 to 2/4 play or 2/4 to 5/10 play. Every little step counts and adds up to something big.

Downswings and upswings are part of the life of a professional poker player, and amateur poker players also need to realize that they have to plan for those rainy days. There are going to be times where you have some heavy losses. If these hurt you mentally and cause you to shut down, then you really need to think about doing something else within the world of poker– like moving back down. Even famous poker players can get stung when they stay at a stake/limit level that isn’t comfortable enough for them to buckle down and make the right decision. If you play at too high of a stake, you might start getting nervous and feeling like you can’t do it.

Again, you shouldn’t put too much emphasis on time. If you feel confident about moving to the next level and you have the bankroll, then you definitely should. If you know yourself well enough to know that moving to a higher stake level is just going to make you frustrated and too nervous to take risks, then you might want to stay at the level you’re at a little while longer.

The time is definitely now to play your best game of poker — why not get started today? You’ll definitely be glad you did!

The True Meaning of Value Betting

What does value have to do with making a lot of money in the world of ? A lot, actually. When we reach for value, we’re actually trying to reach for higher profits and more power to rise higher and higher in the overall world of poker.

What is the true meaning of value betting? Strengthening your bankroll by subtly encouraging other people to put money in the pot that you’re about to steal right from under them. It’s very strategic, and some new players might have a problem with that. However, if you really want to get as much money as possible from the world of poker, you’re going to have to learn how to value bet.

So, what are we talking about? Well, in a nutshell, value betting is all about getting that pot to rise higher and higher — without losing it! Value betting is something that beginners should learn and continue to refine over the entire life of their poker career. Wow — with an instruction like that, you already know that value betting is pretty serious business.

How do we begin? Here’s what you need to know.

The biggest thing that can make or break this strategy is your opponents on the table. If they think that they have a great hand, then they’ll call and pick up more money. You have to figure out when your fellow players are bluffing and when they’re not. You have to decide when you want to employ this strategy and when you might want to fold. There’s nothing cut and dried here — you have to learn as you go. Poker is a very psychological game and people are going to try to mess with your mind in order to get you to drop out of a pot. If you really think that you have a stellar hand, you’re going to want to push forward anyway. A lot of pots have been won simply by looking at the board and knowing that they have a very good hand that they can play.

You want other players to think that you don’t have anything good, because then they’ll think that they’ve got a sucker that thinks they have a good hand. Calculating the odds of your hand against the other cards in the game is the smart way to make sure that value betting doesn’t really blow up in your face.

Value betting is one of the arenas where it really pays to be able to look back on all of the hands that you’ve played so far. In fact, if you’re serious about getting into poker and you are trying to ask other poker players for their advice, they’re going to ask you whether or not you’ve been tracking your games. You definitely want to answer yes so that you can get the help you need. Otherwise, you won’t be seen as serious and that would really be a bad thing to have to deal with when you’re really trying to make big gains in the world of poker! Why not test out value betting for yourself? Trial and error is the name of the game, so you can’t make any progress unless you get out there and try really hard!

Leap Into Caribbean Stud Poker Without Losing Your Cool!

Everyone knows that we are definitely fans of Texas Hold’Em, but that doesn’t mean that we believe that it’s the One True Poker that everyone must play. There are times where you just want a little more variety, a little more action, and another avenue to make money and enjoy some good gambling fun. Enter Caribbean Stud Poker, a very fun variation on classic battle of wits, chips, and nerves!

In order to make sure that you really have a great time, you might want to brush up on the actual rules of Caribbean Stud Poker. Here’s what you need to know.

The first thing that you’re going to do is place your bet — called an ante in the world of Caribbean Stud Poker. After you’ve put skin in the game, the dealer is going to deal five cards to every player in the game, and then they’ll deal themselves five cards as well.

This is where things can get interesting. You see, after you’ve put your ante in and gotten your cards, you have to immediately decide whether you’re going to stay in the game or fold your cards and play another game later. If you decide to go ahead and fold because you don’t have anything good, then you give up your bet immediately — bummer, man! You don’t have the benefit of waiting to see if there’s any more information that’s going to be given to you.

But what if you want to stay? That’s where things heat up even more — you have to double your original bet. This can really make things heat up even more because the wager and potential for gain gets even more interesting. The dealer has to reveal their cards if you decide to stay. Now, it’s not all gloom and doom here — if the dealer doesn’t have an ace-king combo, you get your money back and you get even money on the ante.

Of course, the dealer might have the ace-king combo and then you have to go through the usual showdown phase. If you have the higher hand, then you win. However, if the dealer has a better hand, then you won’t win — you lose out.

What makes Caribbean stud poker so appealing is that there is also a progressive jackpot. In order to get the jackpot, you need to make sure that you make at least one dollar as a side bet at the beginning of the game. You are basically hoping that you will get a hand of cards that is a flush or better. If you do, then you’re going to win the amount in the casino’s payout tables. This is on top of anything you win at the table during the actual game.

When it comes to payouts, it goes without saying that they vary from casino to casino. You will need to make sure that you truly look up the casino that you want to play at before you commit real money. This is the best way to really make sure that you aren’t going to waste money at a casino that has a bad payout table — that’s no way to hold onto and grow your bankroll, you know!

Count Your Outs for the Best Results – Here’s How!

There’s a certain irony in poker — the more serious that you get about the game, the more you go back to the fundamentals of poker. Strangely enough, there’s a lot of math and logic that goes into the game, and this is a point that isn’t fully appreciated by newcomers until they’re deeper into the game. In other words, if you really want to grow as a poker player, you need to make sure that the foundations of poker are firmly in your head. You don’t want to rush into every hand. In fact, if you were to just rush into a hand without thinking about it, people at the table are going to immediately think that you’re a fish that can’t hack it. They will take advantage of the fact that you’ll rush into any pot that looks good, and this will keep you from enjoying the poker success that you deserve.

So what’s the best fundamental to focus on? Knowing whether to jump in a pot or to stay out of it.

To figure this out, we’ll need to make a return to counting your outs, and calculating your odds. If you’ve ever seen a live poker event on TV, you’ll often see your favorite players going all in. Then a little box will pop up that has percentages. Well, those percentages represent the odds that the player is going to win based on the type of outs that they have based on their hole cards.

There are two types of odds to focus on: pot odds and card odds. Thankfully, both concepts aren’t that hard to grasp in a short amount of time.

Let’s start with pot odds. Simply put, this is just the ratio of money (or chips, if you’re not playing for money) that you’ll get back from the pot when compared to the bet.

If you’re playing at a $10/$20 table and there’s $200 in the pot and your bet is $10, then your pot odds are 20:1. Most players are going to be interested in those types of odds!

Card odds — in essence, your “outs” — take a bit more explanation. The short answer is that your outs are all of the cards that you could use to win the pot when it’s time for the showdown.

In practice, it gets a little sticky.

Let’s take everyone’s favorite hand — the flush draw. If your hole cards are Ts9s (10 of spades and 9 of spades), and your flop comes down as 8sQs9d (8 of spades, Queen of spades, and 9 of diamonds), then you’re probably going to be pretty excited. However, before you do anything rash, you need to consider your outs. The number of cards that you can use in order to make your flush is 9 — there are 9 outs. Remember that there are only 13 cards in a suit. You have 4 of those cards on the board. That means that there are 9 left. See, we told you that “outs” wouldn’t be that hard!

How does this concept feed into card odds? Well, card odds are the probability that the cards you need (your outs) will actually come to you. It’s a ratio, just like the pot odds.

Card odds are calculated like so: (# of unseen cards – outs) / outs (ratio form for the result). So what happens if you get that flush draw? You have 9 outs (13 – 4 = 9). However, there are still 47 unseen cards after the flop (52 – your 2 hole cards – 3 flop cards = 47). Yes, this is also counting the cards that your opponents have, because you can’t “see” them, now can you? That’s what we thought.

So your card odds would be (47-9) / 9 = roughly about 4:1.

So the question is, do we plunge in when our card odds are like that? Well, things could still go either way. We need more information — or rather, we need to use the information that we’ve already collected in a big way.

Most poker players will not plunge into a pot if their pot odds are less than their card odds. In both examples, our pot odds were 20:1 and our card odds were 4:1. That’s a pot that we would want to pursue. The odds are in our favor big time.

Now, there are times where you can calculate these odds and still have the cards turn against you. Poker isn’t just math and logic — it’s sometimes about luck too. That’s why there is a term like “bad beat” — when everything seems perfect, chance can really ruin your good feelings about the game of poker.

Still, having the math on your side can help you build the confidence you need. We can’t forget that poker is also a game of psychology, and the more that you can psych yourself up, the better off you’ll actually be. The strongest poker players in the world are skilled at these calculations, and they also know when to back out and save their chips for another round rather than just plunging in. Does bluffing come into the picture? Sometimes, but it’s really better to focus on solid play rather than psychological intimidation — especially when you’re just starting out!

So, when the chips are down, you know what to do — calculate your odds, and then make an informed decision. That really is the best thing that you can do, all things considered.

3 Keys to Winning Big After a Long Hiatus from Online Poker

Three cheers for online poker! It’s a great way to pass the time, make new friends, and have your brain tested in ways it probably hasn’t been tested before. However, there is something to be said for being able to step back and really take a break from all things poker. You might be surprised — taking a break from poker will only make it easier for you to become a stronger poker player. After a while, the psychological factor of poker tends to get t people, and this is where they start making critical mistakes that eat away at bankrolls faster than a tornado twisting through a rural town. Now that’s fast!

No, when you’re trying to come back to poker after a long hiatus, there are a few things that you need to do in order to come back on top. Not sure what those things are? Glad that we have you covered!

1. Practice, Practice, Practice

When you first get started, you will need to make sure that you’re playing as many hands as possible. It’s tempting to limp in slowly and not play too much, but the only way to get better is to actually play the game. The truth is that theory will only take you so far. You have to make sure that you put theory into action, and that’s when the practice part comes in.

2. Track Performance

If you’re playing in well known poker rooms, you will have no problem tracking your performance. In fact, that’s probably one of the best things that you could do for yourself if you really want to make a comeback in the world of online poker. You will need to make sure that you sign up with a 3rd party tracking service that already has the power to crunch a lot of poker statistics for you. You will also then need to sit down and really look at your performance over time. Take the statistics into account as you play, and adapt your play to the statistics collected. Your play will improve dramatically over time if you take this into account.

3. Continue Reading Sharp Poker Guides

You should always make sure that you’re moving forward. The truth is that you will need to read other guides to brush up on your skills. Don’t be afraid to even look at the more basic guides online because you missed a few things. If you’re feeling a bit embarrassed that you have to go back to the basics, you shouldn’t. A lot of people find that the longer they’re away from playing online poker, the more they have to brush up on basic poker skills. So don’t skip over this step.

Overall, you might find that it will take you some time before you will actually be back to your old “skill level” when it comes to playing poker online. You just need to make sure that you remain patient and focus on the big picture: strong gains in your online poker game of choice!

Facebook Zynga Poker Information & Winning Tips

Zynga Poker is undoubtedly their most popular application available on Facebook.

Zynga is a company that specializes in creating games for social networks such as Facebook, MySpace and Bebo. Founded in 2007 Zynga have gone from strength to strength and are now giants in the social networking game market.

Facebook Poker Zynga is can be installed on your Facebook profile, being a version of Texas Hold’em poker which you can play on Facebook with family and friends. Zynga Poker gives you the ability to chat live while playing and get to know other people at the tables, giving you the ability to meet new friends online. It is just like playing at a virtual casino, using virtual poker chips. You simply start the application, choose a table to play on and simply join in the game. You are dealt your cards and the game helps you choose your best hand if you are unsure how to play.  You place your bets like you would with any other poker game, and hopefully you can win some poker chips. It is very easy to play and is a great place way to learn the rules of Texas Hold’em poker without risking any of you real money.

Tips to improve your chances of winning in Zynga Poker

Play Against Weak Players – This may seem like an obvious tip, however if not careful, you can easily lose all your chips to poker sharks. If you manage to play better than your opponents, you are more likely to win. Therefore try to play against players that you know you can beat.

Don’t be afraid to fold – This is the biggest mistake players make, from beginners to even intermediate Facebook Poker players. They don’t stick with the best starting hands and just play more unnecessary hand, which more often than not equates to more chips being lost. If you find that you are playing half or more of the hands you have been dealt, then you need to tighten your minimum starting hands.

No Need to Bluff – Beginners and often intermediate players tend to think that they have to bluff to win in poker. This is untrue. The real art is to know when to bluff and this is only learnt after lots of experience and practice. You need to be disciplined and not try to bluff just for the sake of it and focus on play your best hands.

Position – It is extremely important to pay attention to your position when playing FaceBook poker. The best position you can have is when you are last to act in the hand. This helps you identify what hand your opponents might have before making your move. Remember, if you have position on your opponents, you can outperform them even if you have a weaker hand.

Don’t spend Too Much Gambling – Often you hold an incomplete hand that needs just one more card to make a straight or a flush. You need to remember that if your opponent bets heavily, then it’s not smart to go after the draws and wish for the best. If however there is only a small amount of betting on the table then it might be clever to call and try to win the hand. Remember, don’t gamble, be calculated!

Winning 3 Card Poker Tips

3 Card Poker, whose rules and strategies you’ll find at, is a little bit like poker, a bit like blackjack and a tad like playing a blind-bet game such as roulette. The poker part has to do with the fact that you’re trying to make your poker hand stand up against an opponent’s, the dealers; you can raise through the play bet and that certain poker hands are winners.

There are many similarities to blackjack including that fact that you must decide to play before seeing any cards and you are competing against the dealer. Finally, if you make the pairs plus bet, you are making a wager based entirely on chance. That’s the roulette part and for that matter slots and craps too.

Establishing a Winning Environment

The primary manner in which players can help increase their odds of winning is to play at casinos that offer the lowest house edge and to play hands that give them the best chance of winning. Using this combination will lower the common house edge, which ranges from 3.33 to 4.33, to the preferred house edge of just over 2. The term “preferred house edge” refers to what the player and not the casino prefers. In this article it is between 2.00 and 2.10.

Here’s what to look for when it comes to finding a low house edge since from the outset this will be the major factor in determining your chances of winning. If you play at a casino that stacks the deck against you by offering a high house edge, this will greatly diminish any strategy you may employ.

What to Look in a House Edge

The first thing to consider is house payouts on the ante bonus. These can vary from casino to casino. Players want a 3 Card Poker game that pays 5-1 for a straight flush, 4-1 for three of a kind and 1-1 for a straight. What is the range of payouts you may find?

These will vary for the top two hands—the straight flush and three of a kind. At some casinos, a flush run will pay just 4-1 or 3-1. Both of these raise the edge to around 4.00. The same is true for three of a kind payouts that pay 3-1 or 2-1. To put it simply, don’t play at these odds.

Winning Hands

The basic premise behind our winning hand strategy has to do with the fact that the dealer, in order to play, must have a Queen in hand. If the dealer does not, then the player is an automatic winner.

Thus, for the player to see their ante bet and make an additional play wager, they should be holding a Queen and, at minimum, a 6 and 4. That means players need to fold any hand that is Queen, 6, 3 or lower. Making a play wager on a lower hand greatly increases the house edge and your chances of losing.

Blind Betting

When you’re betting on 3 Card Poker it is important to remember that placing a play bet and playing a Jack high will not payout. Why not? The dealer needs a Queen to play against you. By making an additional bet on a Jack that means you are winning 1-1 on the ante bet and your play is a push. If, however, the dealer does have a Queen, you lose both wagers. The Jack wager is a bad one. Fold your ante bet when your top card is lower than a Queen. Don’t waste your money.

With 3 Card Poker, players need to keep in mind that they are betting blind. Unlike poker where you may check, you must either play or lose. Also, there’s no way for you to know what the dealer is holding since all cards are dealt facedown and the dealer cannot raise, which could be an indication of the strength of his hand.

3 Card Poker offers players a chance to beat the house if they play a disciplined game. That starts by finding good odds on the ante bonus and playing hands that are at least Queen, 6, 4.