Leap Into Caribbean Stud Poker Without Losing Your Cool!

Everyone knows that we are definitely fans of Texas Hold’Em, but that doesn’t mean that we believe that it’s the One True Poker that everyone must play. There are times where you just want a little more variety, a little more action, and another avenue to make money and enjoy some good gambling fun. Enter Caribbean Stud Poker, a very fun variation on classic battle of wits, chips, and nerves!

In order to make sure that you really have a great time, you might want to brush up on the actual rules of Caribbean Stud Poker. Here’s what you need to know.

The first thing that you’re going to do is place your bet — called an ante in the world of Caribbean Stud Poker. After you’ve put skin in the game, the dealer is going to deal five cards to every player in the game, and then they’ll deal themselves five cards as well.

This is where things can get interesting. You see, after you’ve put your ante in and gotten your cards, you have to immediately decide whether you’re going to stay in the game or fold your cards and play another game later. If you decide to go ahead and fold because you don’t have anything good, then you give up your bet immediately — bummer, man! You don’t have the benefit of waiting to see if there’s any more information that’s going to be given to you.

But what if you want to stay? That’s where things heat up even more — you have to double your original bet. This can really make things heat up even more because the wager and potential for gain gets even more interesting. The dealer has to reveal their cards if you decide to stay. Now, it’s not all gloom and doom here — if the dealer doesn’t have an ace-king combo, you get your money back and you get even money on the ante.

Of course, the dealer might have the ace-king combo and then you have to go through the usual showdown phase. If you have the higher hand, then you win. However, if the dealer has a better hand, then you won’t win — you lose out.

What makes Caribbean stud poker so appealing is that there is also a progressive jackpot. In order to get the jackpot, you need to make sure that you make at least one dollar as a side bet at the beginning of the game. You are basically hoping that you will get a hand of cards that is a flush or better. If you do, then you’re going to win the amount in the casino’s payout tables. This is on top of anything you win at the table during the actual game.

When it comes to payouts, it goes without saying that they vary from casino to casino. You will need to make sure that you truly look up the casino that you want to play at before you commit real money. This is the best way to really make sure that you aren’t going to waste money at a casino that has a bad payout table — that’s no way to hold onto and grow your bankroll, you know!