Is Online Casino Blackjack Different to Live Casino?

Blackjack is arguably one of the most popular casino games. It’s a hobby enjoyed all over the world in casinos, on cruise ships and on the internet too. But those who are unfamiliar with both the real-life variant and internet may wonder if there are any differences between the two. In this post we will detail a couple of things to note.

The Atmosphere

One difference between playing blackjack in an online casino Malaysia and one in your local casino is the atmosphere. In a live casino you can always hear the chips being riffled, the deck being shuffled and people around. Quite often you will be sitting next to other blackjack players, many of whom may impart their words of wisdom to you as you play.

Contrast this to playing online blackjack where you it’s relatively quiet, you can mute the sounds and it’s effectively you vs the AI, and you can see a big difference in atmosphere. Some online casinos attempt to replicate the live vibe by adding music or other noises but if you prefer playing in a real casino, just head over.


The second difference is the fact that you’re always being dealt by people in a casino. Yes, they use automatic shufflers but the personal feel is there. You can make chit-chat with them and see them peel the cards over.

Online blackjack games are mostly automated. Don’t worry – there is nothing funny about this, they use a random number generator software to automatically shuffle and deal for you. However, this difference is on the wane. Many online casinos now offer live dealer experiences. This is growing in popularity all over the internet with the major casinos employing people to deal to you while you play online. You can see everything through the webcam and get the feel of a real casino whilst playing at home.

Image Source: Freepik