Facebook Zynga Poker Information & Winning Tips

Zynga Poker is undoubtedly their most popular application available on Facebook.

Zynga is a company that specializes in creating games for social networks such as Facebook, MySpace and Bebo. Founded in 2007 Zynga have gone from strength to strength and are now giants in the social networking game market.

Facebook Poker Zynga is can be installed on your Facebook profile, being a version of Texas Hold’em poker which you can play on Facebook with family and friends. Zynga Poker gives you the ability to chat live while playing and get to know other people at the tables, giving you the ability to meet new friends online. It is just like playing at a virtual casino, using virtual poker chips. You simply start the application, choose a table to play on and simply join in the game. You are dealt your cards and the game helps you choose your best hand if you are unsure how to play.  You place your bets like you would with any other poker game, and hopefully you can win some poker chips. It is very easy to play and is a great place way to learn the rules of Texas Hold’em poker without risking any of you real money.

Tips to improve your chances of winning in Zynga Poker

Play Against Weak Players – This may seem like an obvious tip, however if not careful, you can easily lose all your chips to poker sharks. If you manage to play better than your opponents, you are more likely to win. Therefore try to play against players that you know you can beat.

Don’t be afraid to fold – This is the biggest mistake players make, from beginners to even intermediate Facebook Poker players. They don’t stick with the best starting hands and just play more unnecessary hand, which more often than not equates to more chips being lost. If you find that you are playing half or more of the hands you have been dealt, then you need to tighten your minimum starting hands.

No Need to Bluff – Beginners and often intermediate players tend to think that they have to bluff to win in poker. This is untrue. The real art is to know when to bluff and this is only learnt after lots of experience and practice. You need to be disciplined and not try to bluff just for the sake of it and focus on play your best hands.

Position – It is extremely important to pay attention to your position when playing FaceBook poker. The best position you can have is when you are last to act in the hand. This helps you identify what hand your opponents might have before making your move. Remember, if you have position on your opponents, you can outperform them even if you have a weaker hand.

Don’t spend Too Much Gambling – Often you hold an incomplete hand that needs just one more card to make a straight or a flush. You need to remember that if your opponent bets heavily, then it’s not smart to go after the draws and wish for the best. If however there is only a small amount of betting on the table then it might be clever to call and try to win the hand. Remember, don’t gamble, be calculated!